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The Taste Collector

Year 5 Set 2 English have written this fantastic poem about The Taste Collector. It was inspired by Roger McGough’s ‘Sound Collector’ poem. What do you think?

The Taste Collector


A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every taste into a bag

And carried them away


The sweetness of the lolly

The coldness of the ice-cream

The fizziness of the sweets

The warmness of the hot chocolate,


The meatiness of the mini sausages

The crunchiness of the bacon

The strongness of the ginger beer

The spiciness of the chilli





The Vegginess of the BLT sandwich

The poppiness of the popcorn

The beefiness of the beef burger

The coldness of the ice-cream



The coolness of the cucumber

The doughiness of the cookie

The sourness of the lemon

The sweetness of the sugar cube,


The parchness of the bread

The spiciness of the curry

The smooth taste of the “pasta”

The juiciness of the plum,


The squishiness of the marshmallow

The hardness of the chocolate

The powder of the cocoa

The oiliness of the bacon,


The fieriness of the ghost chilli

The sizzling of the bacon

The chewiness of the beef

The porkiness of the sausages,

The coldness of the ice cream

The holiness of the doughnut

The coldness of the carrot

The crispiness of the crisps,


A stranger called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

Left us only blandness

Life will never be the same.

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Writing in the style of J K Rowling



Year 5 have been studying Harry Potter this term. Recently they have had a go at writing their own version, trying to mimic the style of J K Rowling. Here is Lottie’s fantastic story.


L.O. To write in the style of J. K. Rowling.

Have you ever had to live with a fat goat? Well, Harry was so exited that it was his first of many days away from the horrid Dursleys. Harry was in the bright pink car that the Dursleys owned .The Dursleys weren’t tidy people so the car was full of empty crisp packets that Dudley had munched his way through. Dudley was so greedy he once ate 5 meals in one day.


Hours passed which felt like centuries. Harry grabbed a trolley and ran to find platform 9 3/4. Once he found the train he stepped on to find an empty carriage . A couple of minutes later Ron burst in stuffing his face with Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. “Ron!” yelled Harry so excited to see him. Ron tried to speak but all of the beans fell out of his mouth and all over the floor. When Ron managed to speak he said “How was your summer?”


Harry didn’t know what to say because he was locked in his room for most of the time. Eventually the train was moving. Ron waved goodbye to his mum who was trying not to cry. Harry bought some chocolate frogs from the trolley and was half stuffing them into his mouth. Suddenly the train stopped and Harry and Ron were wondering what was going on. Soon after, the train went completely dark. Was there a power cut? Ron and Harry stared at each other, suddenly a huge black figure appeared at the window. Was it a ghost? The figure hovered in the sky, then flew away. More and more were appearing. Eventually the lights came back on and the train carried on its way but the driver wasn’t there. They found him in the carriage next to Ron and Harry, lying on the floor dead.


At last they came to the station. Harry and Ron headed to the boat house, to grab a boat. They set it up in the lake and jumped in. Harry pushed it away from the bank and sat back and relaxed then half way across the lake something scraped the bottom, then the boat tipped over, Harry and Ron fell in with a huge splash. They weren’t happy that they had to swim.


Hours later they arrived at Hogwarts where they found Hermione in the common room waiting for them. The next day Harry had a quidditch match against Hufflepuff. Harry caught the golden snitch thirty minutes into the game. Harry then fell off his broom with the snitch in his right hand. He went straight to the hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey said that he had a broken arm but it wouldn’t take long to heal.


For weeks students had been petrified by the black shadowy monsters that come and attack

people. Harry was on his way to potion class when his scar started burning, then he found out why. Round the corner was Justin, dead, lying on the cold hard ground. The corridor was pitch black. Hermione was thinking about the attacks “Everyone who was attacked was in pitch black when they were found.” Harry and Ron where puzzled “Maybe they don’t like light.” said Hermione looking confused. Harry, Ron and Hermione raced off to the library for information on the black beasts.


In the library they found a book on dementors but it wasn’t them because they can’t kill people. They all went back to the common room looking glum. Ron suddenly had a brain wave “What about the restricted section?” he said. Hermione yelled aloud “of course!” “Ssh Hermione!” Harry yelled, he’d just remembered they weren’t in private, she apologised. In the end they agreed they would go tonight with the invisibility cloak that Harry got last year for Christmas.

When midnight came they got dressed and tip toed down to the restricted section of the library. When they got there they found a book all about the black beasts, they ripped the page out and ran out of the library. They read the note aloud quietly, the note said:


the black beasts are called bloody beasts,

they kill people and they can’t live in light so they attack in the dark,

they obey one master and if that master dies they will all die too.

They usually live in woods or forests were there is no day light,

they can kill 300 people in one day,

if you put a light on they will immediately die,

they attack in groups of 3,

they can…


There was only one page that they ripped out and there were 2 pages, but at least they got what they needed which was that they live in forests and obey one master.

“We’re going into the dark forest tomorrow night” whispered Harry. Eventually they reached the common room and went straight to bed, yawning the whole way. Harry, Ron and Hermione were talking before class when Malfoy came and shoved them out of the way, they ignored him and carried on talking.


When darkness fell, they ran to the woods shivering, they didn’t know if they were cold or scared. They went in and found a figure in a black hood, walking around the forest. They went to hide behind a tree but the figure saw them and walked towards them, when the figure was close enough they recognised him. It was Voldemort. Harry’s scar started burning like fire. Before Voldemort had a chance to speak, Harry crept round the back of him and stabbed him in the back. Voldemort fell to the ground, dead. All of the bloody beasts died too. The three friends were so pleased that they went straight to Dumbledore who congratulated them but told them off as well because students were not allowed into the dark forest.


Everybody celebrated and had a huge party which everyone enjoyed. There were chicken

drumsticks, broccoli, carrots, peas and a massive range of deserts such as Berti Botts Every

Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs. The whole school slept better knowing that they wouldn’t get killed in the night by the bloody beasts.


Next morning, Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking down to breakfast when they found

someone wearing a Slytherin tie and cloak lying on the floor, not moving at all, he was dead. Noone knew who had killed him, was there one beast still alive? Or did something else kill him. Was there a new enemy at Hogwarts?

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500 Word Challenge Link


Let’s hope we see some Warminster pupils on here this year.

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Chamber Choir in Senior Chapel

Chamber Choir performing this morning in Senior Chapel


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Feeding the ducks in the park…Reception class.


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Our visit to Warminster Town Park.


We walked around the park and discovered that a park keeper has many different jobs to do .

We walked around the park and discovered that a park keeper has many different jobs to do .


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