Chamber Choir in Senior Chapel

Chamber Choir performing this morning in Senior Chapel


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Feeding the ducks in the park…Reception class.


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Our visit to Warminster Town Park.


We walked around the park and discovered that a park keeper has many different jobs to do .

We walked around the park and discovered that a park keeper has many different jobs to do .


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Prep 2 being safe online

Prep 2 have been learning about how to stay safe online.  So far they have watched videos explaining what the internet is and how to use it safely.

If you use a computer and someone asks for your name you should never give your real name to them – Grace

Never tell anyone your school or your password or your address – Janey, Josh and Edward

Tell a grown up or a teacher if you find something that makes you feel scared or upset – Topsy

If you find a page on the internet that children shouldn’t be looking at you should click off it if you know how to and find something else to look at.  Then tell an adult if this happens – Rebecca

Not all of the things you find are for kids to look at – Josh

Ask a teacher before you use the internet at school – Janey

If you get on a website that is not for kids just go back to the pages that you know are for kids – Joseph

Always ask before you use a computer at home because if it’s your mummy’s computer it might be her work one and you don’t want to ruin her work – Elizabeth

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Autumn term 2014

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We are enjoying our new playground equipment in the sunshine.


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Musical Highlights of the Summer Term

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Year 4 Stories that raise issues

Year Four have been reading a few books by Anne Fine that raise issues. We have currently been reading Bill’s New Frock today. Below is a summary of what has happened so far and the character’s issues in the book.

Bill woke up on Monday morning and he realised he had turned into a girl overnight. His mum came into his bedroom and threw a pink frock over him. His dad said goodbye to Bill by saying ‘Goodbye Poppet!’ and kissed him on the cheek. His cat Bella didn’t seem to notice anything had changed about him and rubbed herself against him as usual. He went down the stairs and began walking to school. When he was walking to school he bumped into a gang of bullies. The boys whistled at him instead of picking on him. He went to the crossing and met an old lady. The lady took Bill by his hand but he didn’t want her to because usually he crossed the road on his own. Then he sees the gang and the other boys who are late for school, the Headmaster is shouting at them for being late. Bill manages to get into school without being shouted at.


The fact that Bill has turned into a girl causes him problems because no one notices the change but he is treated differently. Sometimes he benefits from the change in attitude towards him but sometimes he thinks it is unfair.

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